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New Mexico Conservation Information System Data

The New Mexico Conservation Information System (NM CIS) has data on New Mexico's species and ecosystems of conservation concern. NM CIS gathers, maps, and distributes data to agencies, researchers, private industry, and the public to provide reliable information on New Mexico's rich biodiversity. 

NM CIS has been gathering sensitive species and ecosystems data since 1990. 

NM CIS is a collaboration between Natural Heritage New Mexico, New Mexico Department of Game & Fish, and other state and federal agencies. As a result of this collaboration our information has qudupled in the last decade (see chart at right).

Tracking Lists - NHNM tracks over 600 plant and animal taxa (species and subspecies). This means we actively seek all information concerning the locations and status of their populations in New Mexico. Get more information about our tracking process or produce a list of our tracked species by taxonomic group.

Search the NM Conservation Information System

You can search our database to get information on sensitive species including taxonomic class and family, scientific and common name of the species along with their federal status under the Endangered Species Act, their New Mexico state status, and their global and state Heritage rank.

Additional Species Information - More detailed information about New Mexico species is available from our partners.


New Mexico Conservation Information System growth in conservation species records between 2002 and 2015.

Map of New Mexico Conservation Information System Data

Map of NM Conservation Information System records.

Need More Information? - Advanced queries and more detailed information about the location of New Mexico species is available by submitting an information request.

Know Something We Don't? - If you have information concerning any species we track please contact us or submit a contributor form.