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A public-lands research and monitoring network to study the impacts of environmental change on ecosystems of the southwest United States

- Climate-change detection from the local to regional scales
- Biodiversity composition and dynamics
- Vegetation patterns and processes, and more

Southwest Research Natural Areas (RNA) Database
- USDA Forest Service lands available for research and monitoring in New Mexico and Arizona.
- RNAs are protected from human-caused disturbance and are ideal for climate-change monitoring.
- A distributed network of sites representing the major ecological communities of the Southwest.


Find an RNA and associated data using this ArcGIS Web Viewer - see "ArcGIS Web Map Instructions" for help

USDA Forest Service Southwestern Region Research Natural Areas (RNAs)

A project supported by USDA Forest Service Southwestern Region and the Rocky Mountain Research Station. 

Recommended Citation: Muldavin, E., R. Norwood, R. McCollough, N. Moore, and J. Leonard. 2020. Using Research Natural Areas to Assess and Monitor Effects of Climate Change on Vegetation in the Southwest: the RNA Climate-Change Monitoring Network Database. Natural Heritage New Mexico, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Available at