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A comprehensive resource for the conservation and management of riparian ecosystems. 

•The map units are based on vegetation types defined by height and composition (including non-native species such as tamarisk and Russian olive) that occur along rivers and streams within the riparian corridors of the state.

•Potential applications include conservation and restoration planning, non-native species management, riparian monitoring design, identifying refugia, habitat connectivity and migration corridors for wildlife, etc.

The New Mexico Riparian Habitat Map is a collaboration between the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and US Forest Service, Region 3 in association with Natural Heritage New Mexico at the University of New Mexico, Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership at the University of Missouri, and the Geospatial Technology and Applications Center of the USFS, Salt Lake City, UT.

Project Areas Explore the Upper Rio Grande Map
The map is being developed progressively by major river basins.  Three-tiered hierarchical legend based on composition, height, leaf retention, and biogeography. More info...