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Common NameTodilto Stickleaf
Scientific NameMentzelia todiltoensis
Number of subpopulations16
Number of mapped locations157
Number of observations158
Observation date range06-30-1992 to 10-16-2015

References (5)

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2016Roth, Daniela. 2016. Status survey for Gypsum Townsend's Aster (Townsendia gypsophila), Sivinski's Scorpionweed (Phacelia sivinskii), Todilto Stickleaf (Mentzelia todiltoensis), and Tufted Snad Verbena (Abronia bigelovii) on Zia Pueblo Lands in Sandoval CU16ROT01NMUS
DownloadAdobe PDF4158.7KB
2016SEINet. 2016. Downloaded New Mexico data for tracked plants for NM Plant Conservation Strategy.U16SEI01NMUS
2015Roth, D. and R. Sivinski. 2015. Survey and status report for rare gypsophilic plants in the Ojito/White Mesa area of Sandoval County, New Mexico. New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department and RCS Southwest, Santa Fe, NM.U15ROT10NMUS
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2005Atwood, N.D. and Welsh, S.L. 2005. New species of Mentzelia (Loasaceae) and Phacelia (Hydrophyllaceae) from New Mexico. Western North American Naturalist 65(3):365-370.A05ATW01NMUS
DownloadAdobe PDF1289.4KB