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Get Data - Submitting an Information Request

Free Data

Lists of rare plant and animal species as well as species per county, watershed, or ecoregion are free of charge and can be accessed on our Species Search page.

Custom Data Requests

Custom data requests such as environmental reviews or data for analysis which requires more precise locality information for sensitive species can be requested by emailing (or mailing) our information manager.
Please include the following information in your information request:

  • Return address, phone number, and email address.
  • Why you need the information (i.e., environmental assessment, management plan, etc.).
  • Brief description of the proposed project or activity (i.e., residential development, landfill siting).
  • Location information for the project or activity, preferably the project boundary in a GIS shapefile or on a map.

Fees and Restrictions

Before submitting a request you may want to see the fees for custom data requests, data release policy and/or statement of limitations inherent to our data. The fees are designed to recoup our expenditures for data acquisition, organization, quality control, and maintenance as well as responding to these requests. Our intent is not to reduce the number of users, but to continue to be financially solvent, enabling us to offer this information to the public.

Standard Data Fields Provided for Requests

This page is a list of the standard fields and definitions that are supplied for each requested record.

Fee Exemptions

People, agencies and organizations who provide NHNM with information for our database or with management authority over area requested are exempt from charges. Students with research needs for the information are exempt. If you believe your request should not be charged, contact the NHNM Information Manager.

Response Time

Requests for data are processed in the order in which they are received in writing. Average response time is about two days from the date your request is received in our office, but it may be longer if there is a backlog or if your request does not contain all the needed information. There can also be delays obtaining permission for precise location data release from our partner agencies. We strongly encourage you to submit your request during the early stages of a project.

Contribute Data

We Need Your Help! To continue building a comprehensive, up-to-date database of information on the status of rare species and occurrences of significant natural communities, we need your help. If you have information concerning any species we track please contact us or submit a contribututor form.