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Meeting the Emerging Environmental and Conservation Science Needs for New Mexico

Natural Heritage New Mexico serves the people of New Mexico in their efforts to effectively manage and conserve their unique, diverse, and valuable biological resources. We perform conservation biology research in the context of global change, enhance conservation literacy and training, and are a portal for acquiring and disseminating biodiversity conservation information for New Mexico and the Southwest.

NM Conservation Information System
NHNM Conservation Science Programs

Featured Topics

New Mexico Environmental Review Tool

The ERT is an interactive tool for conservation planning and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) review of important resources for wildlife and habitats. Photo: Canada Geese in a hidden wetland (aerial) by Mark Watson

New Mexico Rare Plant Conservation Strategy

The Strategy includes the best available science to identify 235 rare and endangered plant species in New Mexico, including 109 species that only occur in New Mexico and nowhere else in the world.

New Mexico State Wildlife Action Plan

Part of a national initiative to conserve our nation's fish and wildlife, New Mexico’s SWAP is a blueprint for conservation and catalogs our knowledge about native wildlife. Photo: American Pronghorn by J.N. Stuart