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Zoology Research

Our faculty and staff scientists, technicians, GIS analysts, and consultants conduct field work, statistical analyses, and geospatial modeling on sensitive animal species and their habitats.

Zoology Research Projects

  Johnson et al., 2016. Dunes sagebrush lizard habitat map and models, New Mexico, final report.      Johnson et al., 2015. Nest-scale habitat use by Pinyon Jay and Gray Vireo in the BLM Farmington Resource Area 2013-2014, final report. View report
  Sadoti et al., 2016. Seasonal habitat use by grassland and shrubland birds at Holloman Air Force Base 2011 – 2014.     Johnson et al., 2014. Habitat use at multiple scales by pinyon-juniper birds on Department of Defense lands III: landscape, territory/colony, and nest scale. View report.