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Ecology Program

Current Projects

The New Mexico Rapid Assessment Method (NMRAM) was developed to promote effective management and protection of New Mexico's wetland resources. The goal is to provide the necessary information to help prevent the loss and decline of our scarce and important wetland resources. The NMRAM was developed in partnership with the New Mexico Environment Department Surface Water Quality Bureau Wetlands Program. Download  manuals and field guides here.

 The New Mexico Riparian Habitat Map provides a comprehensive, fine-scale spatial view of the composition, cover, and structure of riparian and wetland vegetation along New Mexico’s perennial streams and rivers. Northern, middle, and northeast New Mexico are available.

Research Natural Areas are USDA Forest Service lands available for research and monitoring in New Mexico and Arizona. Protected from human disturbance, they are ideal for climate-change monitoring. 

Wildlife Doorways - Supporting Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Across Borders in the Upper Rio Grande Watershed

Wildlife Doorways refer to wildlife habitat connectivity that is key to species conservation by providing for daily and seasonal movements as well as long-range dispersal and genetic interchange.