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About Natural Heritage New Mexico

Natural Heritage New Mexico (NHNM) does research on the conservation and sustainable management of New Mexico’s biodiversity. We have New Mexico’s only state-wide rare species and ecosystems database (NM Biotics) which provides a clearer and more comprehensive picture of how to effectively conserve plants and wildlife. We do biology research and education in the context of conservation and climate change.

NHNM is a portal for acquiring and disseminating biodiversity conservation information in service to New Mexico and the Southwest.

  • We provide students with scientific education and technical training to solve real-world conservation problems.
  • NHNM is a division of the Museum of Southwestern Biology (MSB) and part of the international NatureServe network of Natural Heritage Programs.
NHNM Vegetation Map

Our projects include monitoring populations of rare animals and plants, developing living seed banks and establishing new populations of endangered plants, mapping ecosystems of conservation interest, and supporting conservation planning in New Mexico.


The dramatic landscapes of New Mexico harbor uniquely diverse plants and wildlife that are part of a natural heritage cherished by the people of our state. Natural Heritage New Mexico serves the people of New Mexico in their efforts to effectively manage and conserve these valuable biological resources. We support high quality natural resource policy and decisions by providing knowledge, information, and education to government and business leaders, policy makers, natural resource managers, scientists, and private citizens in New Mexico.


  • Serve the information needs of decision-makers and the public by sharing natural resource management expertise, providing access to research results, and maintaining biological databases.
  • Train students in ecological research methods, database development, and technology use, and educate the citizens of New Mexico about the natural biological resources of the state and the importance of science-based decision making.
  • Conduct basic and applied research on the native plants, animals and biological communities of New Mexico.

We integrate these three activities in our work to sustain the natural biological heritage of New Mexico for present and future generations.

Natural Heritage New Mexico is a division of the Museum of Southwestern Biology at the University of New Mexico.

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