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New Mexico Riparian Habitat Habitat Map (NMRipMap)

The New Mexico Riparian Habitat Map (NMRipMap) provides a comprehensive, fine-scale spatial view of the composition, cover, and structure of riparian and wetland vegetation along New Mexico’s perennial streams and rivers (see Project Summary).

 NMRipMap is designed to serve wildlife habitat management, wetland and riparian conservation and restoration planning, non-native species management, riparian monitoring design, identifying refugia, and more.

Products include a comprehensive New Mexico Riparian Corridor Map and Riparian Habitat maps for major basins of the state as they become available.

Project Areas Explore the Map
The map is being developed progressively by major river basins.  Three-tiered hierarchical legend based on composition, height, leaf retention, and biogeography. More info...


Recommended Citation: Muldavin, E., E. Milford, J. Leonard, J. Triepke, L. Elliot, P. Hanberry, D. Diamond, J. Smith, C. Reasner, Y. Chauvin, and A. Urbanovsky. 2020. New Mexico Riparian Habitat map NMRipMap. New Mexico Natural Heritage at the University of New Mexico, USDA Forest Service Southwest Region, Missouri Resource Assessment Partnership (MoRAP) at the University of Missouri, and Geospatial Technology and Applications Center (GTAC) of USDA Forest Service, Salt Lake City, UT. Accessible at                            

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