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NHNM Convened Upper Rio Grande Wildlife Connectivity Workshop

Wildlife Doorways Report Cover

Natural Heritage New Mexico (NHNM) and Colorado Natural Heritage Program convened an Upper Rio Grande Wildlife Connectivity Workshop December 7 - 8, 2016 at the Sagebrush Inn in Taos, NM. With several land management units in the Upper Rio Grande watershed updating or creating planning documents and increasing research on wildlife movement in this area this is be an opportunity to share information, brainstorm, and collaborate.

NHNM has been gathering wildlife movement data in the upper Rio Grande area from agencies and researches and has produced a report, “Wildlife Doorways, Supporting Wildlife Habitat Connectivity Across Borders in the Upper Rio Grande Watershed.” report authors Esteban Muldavin, Director and Ecologist, and Rayo McCollough, Data Manager, will be presenting this report and its data at the workshop. There will also be presentations from researchers and agency planners as well as breakout sessions to foster collaboration.

Workshop agenda

Summarized Workshop Notes

Managing for Wildlife Movement

Planning Updates from Participating Administrative Units

State of Relevant Science

Applying Science to Management

PDF icon Upper Rio Grande Wildlife Movement Workshop Summary101.21 KB
PDF icon Wildlife Habitat Workshop Invitation65.1 KB
PDF icon Agenda for Wildlife Connectivity Workshop48.68 KB
PDF icon NHNM Wildlife Doorways Report1.24 MB
PDF icon New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Presentation – Chuck Hayes3.8 MB
PDF icon New Mexico Department of Transportation, Wildlife Collision Mitigation Presentation – Jim Hirsch7.62 MB
PDF icon BLM Land Management and Planning Presentation – Molly Cobbs4.75 MB
PDF icon Private Lands Perspective (Chama Peak Land Alliance) Presentation – Monique DiGiorgio5.88 MB
PDF icon USFS (Planning under the 2012 Planning Rule) Presentation - Jack Triepke & Ernie Taylor747.29 KB
PDF icon Rio Grande National Forest Presentation – Randy Ghormley & Erin Minks3.21 MB
PDF icon Carson National Forest Presentation – Alyssa Radcliff664.19 KB
PDF icon Santa Fe National Forest Presentations – Daryl Ratajczak2.44 MB
PDF icon Foundational Principles of Managing Landscapes for Wildlife Movement and Habitat Connectivity Presentation - Sam Cushman,6.85 MB
PDF icon Developing and Implementing Linkage Conservation Plans to Enhance Connectivity between Protected Areas - Paul Beier4.41 MB
PDF icon Wildlife Doorways: Supporting Wildlife Habitat Connectivity across Borders in the Upper Rio Grande Watershed - Esteban Muldavin12.36 MB
PDF icon Factors Influencing Movement of Pronghorn at Multiple Spatial Scales Presentation - Andrew Jakes3.67 MB
PDF icon Connectivity for Aquatic Organisms in the Southwest Presentation – Yvette Paroz3.41 MB
PDF icon Recommended Buffer Zones and Seasonal Restrictions for Colorado Raptors138.77 KB
PDF icon Actions to Minimize Adverse Impacts to Wildlife Resources254.14 KB
PDF icon CDOW Recommended Stipulations for Oil and Gas163.3 KB
PDF icon A How-to Guide for Coproduction of Actionable Science - 2016 Beier et al. paper146.23 KB
PDF icon Toward Best Practices for Developing Regional Connectivity Maps - 2011 Beier et al. paper1.4 MB
PDF icon Linkage Design paper, Beier et al. 2008 - "Forks in the Road: Choices in Procedures for Designing Wildland Linkages"1.07 MB
PDF icon The Pinal County Wildlife Connectivity Assessment: Report on Stakeholder Input3.59 MB
PDF icon Kitt Peak Linkage Design3.54 MB
PDF icon Best Management Practices for Wildlife Corridors Paper. Beier et al. 200880.87 KB